Once you’ve owned rental property for a few years, you often learn it’s not as simple as it looked at the start.  Too many investors discover the hard way how complex the industry can be.  In fact, the more years of experience an investor has, the more likely they will use a professional property manager to allow them to reap the benefits of rental investing without the many drawbacks of negative tenant interaction, costly mistakes, and legal requirements.

Specialized Property Management Atlanta is one of the highest rated Atlanta professional property management teams in the industry. We help rental owners save both money and time.

Our complete suite of property management services include every aspect of the rental cycle to help your rental property be more successful, including:

    • Inspections & Help with Rent-Ready Preparations
    • Aggressive Advertising to Lease Available Properties
    • Rental Showings, including Live and Video Tours
    • Thorough Application Screening for Reliable Tenants
    • Lease Execution and Compliance with Legal Regulations
    • Electronic Rent Collection, with Eviction Protection Options
    • Cost-Effective Maintenance for Property Care & Repairs
    • Proactive Lease Renewal and Efforts to Retain Tenants
    • Management of Tenant Move In and Move Out
“As a property owner, it is evident that they have my best interest in mind; promptly addressing tenant’s concerns and meeting their and my expectations. Their professionalism as a business and business partner is exceptional.”
—Alfonso Flores


For more successful property management in greater Atlanta, Specialized offers comprehensive services to support our clients through each stage of the rental cycle.

Specializing in Atlanta Property Management

With Specialized, you get a professional team that knows Atlanta property management and a team that knows the Atlanta market.

Market rents fluctuate widely from suburb to suburb, and town to town.  Specialized Property Management team understands the local factors in Atlanta that impact property owners, and we know the area as only a local can.  As a result, we are able to provide expert advice on rent rates and can even offer guidance in the purchasing of additional investment properties.  Our deep knowledge of the greater Atlanta area also serves to protect our clients in regulatory matters, including all the areas in Atlanta.

Choose Specialized Property Management Atlanta

When you need an Atlanta property management company you can trust.

We Specialize in Finding Reliable Tenants

Every vacancy day with a rental property is a day that costs money, so your Specialized team has developed an efficient leasing process to make the most of every moment and reduce overall vacancy times for our clients. We start with strong marketing with both virtual and live tours of the property, offer online applications to reduce delays, and conduct timely but thorough application screening and background checks.

Our rigorous screening process also serves to ensure that the most reliable applicants are selected, and include credit, employment, criminal, and previous rental checks. After lease signing and move-in, your Specialized team provides responsive service to keep reliable tenants happy and renewing  their leases, which further serves to reduce vacancy days.  All of this is why Specialized Property Management leases properties more quickly than the competition while maintaining unsurpassed tenant and client reviews.

Rental Property Tenant Selection Atlanta

We respond promptly to tenant requests

This increases tenant retention while keeping maintenance costs down.

Property Management Details Atlanta

Atlanta Property Management Includes Cost-Effective Maintenance

Our 24-hour maintenance hotline provides responsive service for repairs and emergencies.

Thanks to your professionals at Specialized, you aren’t the one taking the midnight tenant call when something goes wrong. Plus, when maintenance is needed, you won’t be paying retail rates.  Instead, you benefit from our professional service, high-quality work, and wholesale pricing—while avoiding the costs of neglected or missed problems that cost more over time when proactive attention is neglected.  Clients can elect regular inspection of the rental home, inside and out, to identify issues before they escalate and become more expensive.

Stay informed 24/7 with your
online owners portal

Review leasing progress, maintenance requests,
renter history, and even monthly financial statements.

Specializing in Communication

We understand that it is hard to know who to trust with something as important as your real estate investment.  Property management is a difficult industry that requires specific expertise in a number of areas, yet too often is offered as a side project by a handyman, real estate agent, or a jack-of-all-trades.  You don’t want the headaches of dealing with tenants, rent collections, evictions, repairs, and legal requirements, but you DO want to know what is happening with your property.  At Specialized Property Management Atlanta, communication is the heart of our process.  Whether it is a leasing update during vacancy, a late-night visit to your online owner portal, or a simple question to a friendly professional, you’ll have the information you want when you want it–without the daily headaches of self-management.

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