10 Rules to Avoid Legal Problems

Let’s not beat around the bush – lawyer fees are costly and nobody wants to be at the center of a lawsuit. These fees can quickly eat away at profits and that’s why it’s so important to have rental property management. Atlanta, GA, homeowners trust Specialized Property Management Atlanta. We are knowledgeable about state and federal laws and have years of experience which helps reduce your risk of lawsuits. Below are ten ways we can help you keep the cash in your pocket instead of your lawyer’s pocket:

    • Don’t discriminate: The Americans with Disabilities Act states that you, as a landlord, cannot discriminate against people with disabilities. Residents who require improvements and adjustments based on their disabilities may request these in writing to rental property management. Atlanta GA, landlords, however, can require the tenant to restore the property back to its original condition. And remember, you cannot charge for service animals nor inquire what the disability is that requires the service animal.
    • Be Fair: The Fair Housing Act protects prospective tenants from landlord discrimination based on their race, color, sex, national origin, religion, handicap or familial status. Some states have added additional protected classes and violations of The Fair Housing Act can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Some companies even send out fake prospective tenants called “Secret Shoppers” who pretend to be looking for an apartment to ensure you are following fair procedures and not showing favoritism to any classes.
    • Habitability Laws: These laws state that Atlanta property management must provide safe and comfortable living environments for their tenants. For example, if you have a leak and can’t figure out where it’s coming from, don’t grab the nearest sledgehammer and open up walls trying to find the leaking pipe. Protect yourself from liability and hire licensed companies who have workers comp and limited liability insurance policies.
    • Be licensed: Ensure that you avoid legal pitfalls by having a valid real estate license.
    • Time is of the Essence: When Specialized Rental Property Management Atlanta, GA, is in charge, we respond quickly to maintenance requests and emergency situations. It’s important to us to always be available to our tenants and use call centers so we can accept maintenance emergency calls 24 hours a day.
    • Show me the Money: We always handle security deposits, application fees and rental payments properly.
    • Record Keeping: Specialized Rental Property Management Atlanta, GA, makes detailed notes on software systems like YARDI with when and how we responded to situations with tenants. We can date and time stamp our records limiting you and us from lawsuits.

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