The Top Smyrna Property Management Company

Smyrna is often thought of as one of Atlanta’s many suburbs, but has a lot more to offer residents than a quick commute to downtown Atlanta. Smyrna’s 50,000 residents enjoy a wide variety of amenities from outdoor spaces and art festivals to Smyrna’s iconic Market Village. The local economy is strong, with an unemployment rate lower than the national average and huge growth predicted over the next decade. As one of the top Smyrna property management companies, we can attest to the fact that Smyrna is a great place to invest in rental property. Excellent housing options are available to investors at every level, whether you want to purchase a small condo or four bedroom single-family home. If you’re considering investing in the Atlanta metro area, we encourage you to look at the rapidly growing Smyrna real estate market.

Why Do You Need a Property Manager?

Why do you need a property manager for your Smyrna rental property? Simply put, property managers can turn your investment into a success. Experience and attention to detail at every stage of the rental cycle will bring you a better return on investment. What does that mean for your Smyrna rental home? Here is how we do it:

  • Preparing Your Rental Property: Before you put your rental home on the market it should be rent ready. Our property managers will inspect your rental home and make recommendations for bringing it up to code, cost-effective maintenance, and increased curb appeal. Our recommendations ensure your home spends as little time as possible on the market, saving you money.
  • Marketing and Showing Your Rental Property: Cost-effective Smyrna property management means getting a high-quality tenant into your rental property as quickly as possible. We market your rental across dozens of websites, including our own rental search page, using photos and a video walkthrough. When a potential tenant is ready to see the property in person, we are quick to schedule a walk-through. This approach reduces expensive vacancy days and brings in better applicants.
  • Screening Tenants: Thorough tenant screening should include a credit check, income, and employment verification, rental history, and background check. Every person over 18 living on the property should be screened. Yes, that means even your tenant’s 18-year-old son or daughter who will not be responsible for paying rent. Skipping steps during the screening process may lead to an eviction.
  • Collecting Rent: Whether you provide an online payment method or physically handle rent checks, rent collection should only entail depositing money into your bank, right? Unfortunately, things are never that easy when it comes to Smyrna property management. You must set clear and firm rent collection policies with your tenant, including due dates and late fees. Checks should be deposited into the correct accounts in a timely manner. Clear communication is never more important than when you are collecting money from your tenant.
  • Cost-Effective Maintenance: If it isn’t broken, why fix it? This saying may hold true in some scenarios, but when it comes to cost-effective maintenance it isn’t exactly correct. If you only attend to broken items, you will actually spend a lot more money in the long run. Cost-effective maintenance means taking care of your home’s systems so they work better for longer. 
  • Regular Property Inspections: How often should you inspect your rental property? We recommend quarterly or biannually. Property inspections are an important part of being a proactive property owner. They signal to your tenant that you care about their well-being. During an inspection, your property manager will check for maintenance needs and lease compliance issues.
  • Tenant Support: Who does your tenant call when they have an issue? When you work with our Smyrna property management company we take care of every issue, even middle of the night emergency calls. Good tenant communication, and a degree of separation between owner and tenant, leads to less tenant turnover.
  • Preparing for Move-In and Move-Out: Our team of experts prepares the lease documents for signing so there is no delay in moving your new tenant in. As the end of the lease nears, we are proactive in getting your tenant to sign a new lease. If they choose to move out, we ensure they are aware of all move out procedures and quickly prepare the property for its new tenants.

Why do you need a property manager for your Smyrna rental property? Unless you are an expert in all of the above procedures you could be losing money on your investment. Property management is a full-time job that requires experience to get right. Leave the hassle and headache to the professionals.

Finding the Best Smyrna Property Management Company

When you’ve decided to invest in Smyrna rental property who do you call to manage it? Choosing the right property manager makes a big difference in your levels of involvement and stress. Specialized Property Management Atlanta is a full-service property management company, meaning we take care of every step of the rental cycle. The same cannot be said of every Smyrna property manager. Here is what makes Specialized Property Management Atlanta stand out from the competition.

  • Price Match Guarantee: We believe you should never settle for anything less than the best for your investment. That is why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our services within the first 60 days of your management contract, we will refund your management fee.
  • Tenant Guarantee: Our rigorous tenant screening process will bring in the right tenant, we guarantee it. In fact, if a tenant we place breaks their lease during the first 10 months of the lease, we will replace them at no cost to you.
  • Price Lock: Budgeting for your rental property is hard enough without taking into account how your Smyrna property management fees may change year over year. That is why we offer our clients a price lock guarantee. We will lock in your management fee structure for a period of 3 years, allowing you to plan for your future.
  • Legal and Accounting Compliance: Some discount “managers” save money by cutting corners in legal compliance and accounting. Whether they are intentionally acting unethically, or just don’t know the law, the result is the same – you are hit with a steep fine. At Specialized Property Management Atlanta, we promise to always comply with federal, state, and local housing laws and accounting regulations.
  • Superior Home Performance: Your rental home is an investment, and should be treated as such. Our property managers work hard to maintain your home’s systems in order to save you money and protect your investment. We perform regular inspections and proactive maintenance so you never need to worry if your home is safe and habitable.
  • Leading Technology: Why should you use the latest technology for your investment property? Data-driven Smyrna property management will yield better results. Property management is complex which is why data will help you make cost-effective decisions. In our unique client portal, you can view real-time updates about the status of your property to inform your choices.
  • Eviction Protection: Our property managers do everything possible to avoid evictions, starting with placing the best tenants possible. However, even with great property management evictions are still a possibility. For a small monthly fee, we offer an eviction protection plan. Our eviction protection plan saves you from the headache, hassle, and cost of evicting a tenant.

What Smyrna Property Owners Have to Say

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to who manages your assets. Listing out the benefits and compromises of each company can sometimes make things more confusing. That is why it can be helpful to look at online reviews for local management companies. If you’re wondering what other property owners have to say, take a look at verified reviews from Google and the Better Business Bureau. Here is what our clients say about our expert Smyrna property management.

“Thanks for the good customer service, very informative and always willing to listen and answer any questions via email or phone call. Very pleased with the process”

Jenny B. Google Review

“Specialized Property Management is the most efficient and courteous property management company I’ve worked with thus far. The staff is responsive, honest and friendly. Jarrod Cook and his Atlanta team are true professionals and I plan to refer them to my co-workers and friends.”

Janelle C. Google Review

“Specialized property management was great! The process to get us into our new home was very easy and the staff was super helpful all throughout. Even after moving in they are always available to help with any issues/questions we have. Great team!”

Victoria G. Better Business Bureau Review

Don’t Wait For Better Property Management 

Whether you own investment property in Smyrna, or you are looking to purchase your first rental home, don’t wait to call the experts at Specialized Property Management Atlanta. Specialized has the Smyrna property management experts you need to turn your investment into a success. To learn more or to get a no-obligation quote, call our offices today at 404-596-8454. 

The #1 Sandy Springs Property Management Company

Our Sandy Springs property management company is proud to call this beautiful city home. Nestled just north of Atlanta, Sandy Springs is home to nearly 100,000 residents. This charming city is rich in culture and history. It is well known in Georgia as a tight-knit community with a unique and well respected public-private partnership model of government. Sandy Springs boasts a robust parks system and multiple athletic centers for its residents. Local schools are some of the best in the Atlanta metro area, leading many families with young children to relocate to Sandy Springs.

Economic development is strong, and the unemployment rate in Sandy Springs is lower than the national average. Industries like IBM contribute to the strong job market and high quality of life. The Sandy Springs real estate market has grown steadily over the last decade, with no signs of decline. Rental inventory is tight as the city grows, making Sandy Springs a great market in which to invest. 

Why You Need a Sandy Springs Property Management Company

With a great economy and tight rental market, Sandy Springs has a lot to offer potential investors. If renting out your home will be easy, why do you need a property management company? Even under the best conditions, property management is difficult. Easily avoidable mistakes can cost you thousands of dollars in fines. Our property managers have knowledge of the local real estate industry and can help you get a better return on investment. Here is how we save you money, and relieve you of the headache of managing rental property.

  • Get Your Property Rent Ready: Our specialized team will identify areas that need a little extra love in order to decrease expensive vacancy days. Whether your property needs to be brought up to code, or your landscaping just needs a little sprucing, we will help you prepare your property for the market.
  • Advertising the Rental: Cost-effective advertising not only gets your property rented faster, it brings in a wide variety of high-quality tenants. Our Sandy Springs property management company will advertise your vacancy across dozens of websites giving you the best chance at bringing in the right tenant.
  • Showing the Property: When a potential tenant contacts us for a showing, we are quick to schedule. We also provide high-quality video walk-throughs to show off your rental home’s best side.
  • Tenant Screening: Every potential tenant over 18 is put through a thorough screening process to ensure they meet the qualifications to rent. Finding tenants with good credit history, stable employment, and sufficient income is the key to successful rental homeownership. Our property managers follow all housing laws and never skip steps when screening tenants.
  • Preparing and Signing the Lease: Our experts prepare the lease documents quickly so there is not a delay in signing. In addition, we walk your new tenant through each document to ensure they are aware of expectations and processes.
  • Collecting Rent: While it may sound like a boring repetitive task, collecting rent is more nuanced than it seems. Our property managers strictly enforce rent due dates while maintaining a good relationship with tenants. Our Sandy Springs property management company offers incentives to pay rent on time, and an easy way to set up automatic online payments. 
  • Maintenance and Inspections: After nearly 30 years in property management, we know the best way to keep your costs down is through proactive maintenance and regular property inspections. Our team keeps your home running smoothly, and we are available to answer those middle of the night emergency calls. Regular property inspections ensure there are no unreported maintenance needs and your tenant is sticking to the terms of the lease agreement.
  • Lease Renewal and Moving Procedures: When it comes time for your tenant to renew their lease we take care of all the details. Our proactive management style leads to less turnover and fewer delays in leasing. If your tenant decides to move on, we walk through move out procedures and place a new tenant quickly so that you don’t have to worry about expensive vacancy days.
  • Client Reports: Our client reports make keeping up with your investment easy. Through our Sandy Springs property management owner portal, owners can access inspection reports and important tax documents at any time. During the leasing process, we provide weekly updates so you are always in the know.

Why Choose Specialized Property Management?

With so many property management companies to choose from, why should you choose Specialized Property Management Atlanta? Aren’t all property management companies essentially the same? The simple answer: no! Specialized Property Management Atlanta is one of the top Sandy Springs property management companies because we offer much more than our competitors. With our seven Specialized guarantees, you never have to wonder if you’re getting the best services. When you are evaluating property managers in Sandy Springs, ask them how they measure up to Specialized Property Management Atlanta with the following guarantees.

  • Money-Back Guarantee: 100% satisfaction is always our goal, and you can trust us to make things right when our clients aren’t happy. We are so confident that you will be satisfied with our services that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. At any time during the first 60 days of your rental agreement, if you feel that you aren’t getting the best service and you aren’t happy with our attempts to make it right, we will refund your management fee. 
  • Quality Tenants Guarantee: Tenant turnover and vacancy days are expensive, and the best way to avoid them is to place high-quality tenants from the start. Our thorough screening process ensures your tenants are the right fit. If a tenant placed by our Sandy Springs property management company moves out within the first 10 months of their lease, we will cover the cost of replacing them. 
  • Price Lock Guarantee: We understand how frustrating it can be to negotiate a price for management services only to have that price unexpectedly increased the next year. With our price lock guarantee, you can have confidence that your costs won’t increase yearly. We lock in your management fees for 3 years so that you can adequately plan for the future.
  • Legal and Accounting Compliance Guarantee: Do you know all the local, state, and federal housing laws? What about every accounting rule and regulation? Our in-house legal staff works hard to ensure your property is operating above reproach. Property managers keep excellent records about what is happening at your property, including rent payments and expenses you can deduct from your taxes. This type of transparency not only leads to an ethically run business, but it also helps you avoid steep regulatory fines.
  • Property Protection Guarantee: How do you know your property is safe and well taken care of? Your rental property is an investment, and should be cared for as such. Our Sandy Springs property management company uses proven processes to ensure your home and tenants are protected. We work hard to set your home up for long-term success.
  • Leading Technology Guarantee: Property management is a complex and highly regulated industry. Our Leading Technology Guarantee means we will utilize data to help you make the right choices for your property. From pricing your rental competitively to avoiding unnecessary costs, our data-driven approach provides a better return on investment.
  • Eviction Protection Guarantee: Let’s face it, even carefully screened tenants can occasionally stop paying rent. While we do our best to place only highly qualified tenants evictions still happen. With our optional Eviction Protection Program, property owners can protect themselves from the high cost of eviction. Leave the headache and cost of court fees and paperwork to our professional property management staff. 

What Do Our Clients Say?

Some companies talk themselves up to gain your trust, but after you hire them they disappear. How do you know that won’t be the case with Specialized Property Management Atlanta? Take a look at what our clients have to say. Specialized Property Management Atlanta has 4.3 stars on Google and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Property owners and tenants alike trust our Sandy Springs property management company to provide the best service possible. Here is what some recent clients had to say:

“I was on the fence about hiring a management company, so I called a few of them to ask about their services and fees. Specialized was one of the few companies where somebody immediately picked up the phone. Since I am relatively new to being a landlord I had a lot of questions, and Jarrod was helpful and upfront. He was able to secure a signed lease within 10 days!”

Ton D.

“Specialized Property Management has been a pleasure to deal with. They have been there to answer any questions I had regarding my next rental. I’d recommend them if you’re looking for your next property!” 

Patrick W.

If you are searching for a property manager in Sandy Springs call Specialized Property Management Atlanta. Our local experts have the knowledge and skill to turn your investment into a success. For a no-obligation quote, call 404-596-8454 today.

Avoid These Mistakes with Help From Your Property Management Company in Atlanta

The dream many real estate investors have is to start investing with one or two properties and slowly build their portfolio until they can live off their rental income. With nearly 30 years as a property management company in Atlanta, we can confirm that this goal is attainable. However, it is important to remember that owning rental property takes time and expertise. Seemingly small mistakes can lead to thousands of dollars in income lost, and your investment can be put at risk. What are these mistakes and how can you steer clear of them? We share the top 10 landlord mistakes, and how to avoid them.

Landlord Mistake #1: Poor Property Selection 

The first mistake inexperienced property owners make can happen before you even dip your toes in the water. Poor property selection is a big, and costly, mistake. Some properties are hard to rent out, leading to extended vacancies. Other properties won’t bring in enough rent to cover maintenance or other expenses. When you are searching for the right rental property we recommend looking for the following features:

  • At least 1500 square feet and less than 15 years old
  • Three bedrooms with a standard layout
  • Fenced-in yard
  • Washer and dryer hook-ups
  • Designated parking area, such as a garage or carport
  • Close to public transportation, shopping, and good schools

If you’re having trouble selecting an investment property, talk to the experts at the top property management company in Atlanta. Our Specialized team knows the local Atlanta market and can help you find a great property. For more information on choosing the best rental property, read this post.

Landlord Mistake #2: Extended Vacancies

Buying rental property in a booming market like Atlanta means that you will always be able to rent out your home quickly, right? Wrong. Without proper knowledge of the Atlanta market and efficient advertising, your rental home could sit empty for weeks or months at a time. Without a tenant, you are not bringing in an income. When you factor in mortgage payments, insurance, utilities, maintenance, and advertising you could be paying thousands of dollars to place a new tenant. So how do you find a highly qualified tenant quickly? Start by pricing your property according to the market. Properties priced too high or too low will drive away potential tenants. Next, make sure your property shows up on multiple rental property websites so you can reach the widest pool of applicants. Finally, always respond quickly to requests to schedule a viewing. Tenants don’t want to wait to see a home in which they’re interested.

Landlord Mistake #3: Showing Your Property Too Early

As an experienced property management company in Atlanta, we can confirm that first impressions matter. Often, property owners think they can avoid long vacancies by showing their property when the old tenant is still occupying it, or when the property is under construction. The truth is, showing your property before it is rent ready actually causes longer vacancies. Potential tenants don’t want to see your current tenant’s dirty dishes, or your rental home’s floors being redone. When the home seems half-finished, it is hard for tenants to picture it as their own. And, if you happen upon a tenant who can see beyond the wet paint they will likely move on when they realize they cannot move in immediately. By waiting until your property is rent-ready to put it on the market, you ensure that potential tenants will see it at its best. For more information on getting your rental home rent-ready, read this post.  

Landlord Mistake #4: Choosing Unqualified Tenants

Ideally your tenants should have good credit, steady income, great references and rental history, and no evictions on their record. However, not every tenant that applies will have all of those things. As any property management company in Atlanta will tell you, choosing a tenant is more difficult than it seems. For property owners who are worried about the cost of an extended vacancy, picking the first tenant who comes along may seem like a good choice. But, even with the high cost of vacancy days choosing an unqualified tenant can actually cost you more in the long run. You cannot know about every layoff or sick family member, but you can do your part when screening tenants. That is why we put every tenant through a thorough screening to ensure they are the right fit. To learn more about our screening process, read this post.

Landlord Mistake #5: Tense Tenant Interactions

Managing rental property is all about relationships. Maintaining a good relationship with your tenant will lead to less turnover and a better experience overall. However, sometimes this is easier said than done. What happens when your tenant consistently pays rent late? What if your tenant knowingly breaks the terms of the lease by renting out rooms without your permission? These scenarios cause frustration, even to the best property management company in Atlanta. But you cannot simply ignore bad tenant behavior. The keys to good landlord-tenant relations are to remain emotionally unattached to your rental property, be clear in all your communication, and be respectful of your tenant. Remember that homeowners typically take better care of their homes than renters. Always be clear and consistent when enforcing the lease terms so that your tenant knows what to expect.

Landlord Mistake #6: Failing to Answer Maintenance Calls

A happy tenant equals less turnover. How do you keep your tenant happy? One of the most valuable things you can do is to answer promptly to maintenance requests. Whether your tenant has a maintenance emergency or just a simple request, you should respond within 24 hours. Quick response times show your tenant that you care about their well-being. Provide multiple ways for your tenant to contact you, such as an email, phone number, and an online tenant portal to submit requests. Never leave your tenant waiting around, wondering when their property management company in Atlanta will answer their call.

Landlord Mistake #7: Careless Rent Collections

When your tenant signs the lease, it is important to review all rent collection procedures. How is rent collected, when is the due date, and what are the late fees? If you allow electronic payments, such as payments made through a tenant portal, explain to your tenant how this system works. No matter how you collect rent payments, always keep a good record of them. We recommend electronic rent payments to make record-keeping easier.

Landlord Mistake #8: Violating Housing Laws

Do you know each and every federal, state, and local housing law? What about city ordinances or HOA bylaws? If you don’t have a decade of experience in property management, chances are you are at risk of violating a housing law or ordinance. Unfortunately, ignorance of the law is not a defense for breaking it. If you violate a housing law, you could be responsible for paying a steep fine, putting your investment at risk. As an experienced property management company in Atlanta, we are familiar with every law you need to follow so you do not end up paying fines. For more information about how Specialized Property Management protects you from legal issues, read this post

Landlord Mistake #9: Skipping Property Inspections

How often do you inspect your rental property? Inspections take time and effort, which is why many property owners only inspect when a tenant moves in or out. We have found that skipping regular inspections can actually lead to higher costs. Inspecting your rental property quarterly or biannually gives you a chance to address unreported maintenance or safety problems and lease compliance issues. Regular inspections also signal to your tenant that you care about their well-being and the state of their home. Don’t neglect this important aspect of property management. For a guide to inspecting your rental property, read this post.

Landlord Mistake #10: Neglecting Routine Maintenance

When was the last time your rental home got an AC tune-up or a chimney sweep? If the answer is “I don’t know”, you need to be more proactive about maintenance. Calling in professionals to inspect, clean, and maintain your home’s systems will save you money in the long run. As the top property management company in Atlanta, we recommend scheduling preventative maintenance for your home’s systems at least once a year. Preventative maintenance can give your AC, furnace, and other systems 5-10 more years of life compared to systems that are not maintained well. When you are planning your yearly rental property budget, make sure you set aside at least one month’s rent for routine maintenance, or more if your home is over 15 years old.

Avoid Mistakes With The Top Property Management Company In Atlanta

What is the best way to avoid costly property management mistakes? Work with the top Atlanta property managers, Specialized Property Management Atlanta. Our property management experts reduce costly mistakes and increase your return on investment. We offer a full range of services, covering every aspect of the rental cycle. To put our experienced professionals and proven processes to work for you, contact us today for a management quote. Call 404-596-8454 to learn more.

Top 5 Tenant Retention Tips From Rental Property Management in Atlanta

Turning over your rental property is never cheap. At a minimum, you must re-key, clean, and advertise to find a new tenant. However, property owners often find themselves with more extensive work like painting, landscaping, and replacing carpets. When you calculate lost income from vacancy days, you could be out thousands of dollars by the time you place a new tenant. How do you avoid the high cost of tenant turnover? It starts with learning the best ways to retain your current tenants. Learn the top 5 ways to retain tenants from experienced rental property management Atlanta.

Tenant Retention Tip #1: Offer Great Amenities

Keeping tenants happy starts with giving them a great place to live. Why should your tenant renew their lease if they can find another rental around the corner with better amenities? Take a look around your rental property to determine what amenities would make your tenant’s rental house into a home. Here are some low-cost recommendations:

  • Updated Fixtures: Believe it or not, switching out kitchen faucets and lighting can make a basic rental home feel luxurious. If your rental home is sporting fixtures from the 1980s it may be time for an update. 
  • Fenced-in Yard: If your rental home has a yard make sure it is fully fenced. A fenced-in yard will give your tenant the private space they need to enjoy the beautiful Atlanta seasons.
  • Washer and Dryer: Adding washer and dryer hookups from scratch can cost as little as $350 according to Home Advisor. If your home does not have hookups, adding them is a great way to entice your tenants to renew their lease.
  • Online Portal: For simpler rental property management, Atlanta property owners should offer an online tenant portal. Tenant portals, like the one we offer, allow your tenants to pay rent or submit maintenance requests any time of the day or night. 
  • Off-Street Parking: If your tenant parks on the street, consider creating a designated parking area. Creating a driveway is as simple as laying down gravel, however the security and ease it provides for your tenant will go far.
  • Pet Policy: Do you allow pets at your rental property? Many property owners do not allow pets simply because they have heard horror stories of dogs and cats causing property damage. But in reality, most pets do not cause property damage, and property owners are able to collect an extra pet deposit to cover losses.

Great amenities don’t always have to be expensive, but you should take into consideration what your tenant wants. For example, if your tenant rides their bike or takes the bus everywhere, a new driveway is probably not going to score extra points. For more information on which amenities are cost-effective and worthwhile, talk to the experts in rental property management Atlanta, Specialized Property Management.

Tenant Retention Tip #2: Always Respond to Tenant Requests

Imagine this, your phone rings in the middle of the night. The caller ID says it is your tenant, and you can already guess their toilet is clogged for the third time this week. But, you have a busy day tomorrow at work and you don’t want to get out of bed to deal with it, especially when you already provided a plunger. Maybe if you don’t answer the phone your tenant will just deal with it and stop calling. Unfortunately, not responding quickly to tenant requests is a sure path to tenant turnover. No one likes to feel ignored, especially by the person who is supposed to be helping them. 

As a landlord, it is your responsibility to respond to each and every tenant request, no matter how small, which can be hard if you are balancing a career, family, and other responsibilities. That is why so many property owners choose to work with professional rental property management. Atlanta rental property owners trust Specialized Property Management Atlanta in part because they know there will always be someone to answer the call. Nights, weekends, and holidays, we have it all covered so your tenant is never left wondering who to call in an emergency. The same goes for emails and texts. Quick response times mean happy tenants and less tenant turnover.

Tenant Retention Tip #3: Respect Your Tenant’s Privacy

One way to make your tenant feel like a renter is to drop by their rental home unannounced. Even with the best intentions, dropping in on your tenant is not a good idea. If your tenant does not know when you’re coming, they can never truly relax and feel at home. However, it is a good idea to periodically check in on your rental property to make sure things are running smoothly, there are no unreported maintenance issues, and your tenant is complying with the lease.

How do you check in on your property while respecting your tenant’s privacy? We recommend regularly scheduled property inspections, quarterly or biannually. Some rental property management Atlanta companies will tell you inspecting your property at move in and move out is all you really need to do, but we have found that isn’t the best way to run a rental property. Here are a few reasons we think periodic inspections are necessary:

  • Lease Compliance: Your tenant should be complying with the terms of the lease. During an inspection, make sure your tenant hasn’t moved in a roommate or unapproved pet, made any changes to the house, or otherwise violated the lease.
  • Safety Issues: Shakey handrails and hot electrical outlets are safety hazards that must be addressed in order to keep your property safe and habitable. Unfortunately, tenants do not always notice or report these hazards. An inspection allows you to check in on the safety of the property.
  • Preventative Maintenance: When you perform regular maintenance, such as an AC tune-up, you extend the life of your home’s systems. Try to schedule this maintenance at the same time as an inspection so that you don’t take up too much of your tenant’s time.

To learn more about why you should schedule regular property inspections, visit this post. The bottom line is, respect your tenant’s privacy and they are more likely to feel at home.

Tenant Retention Tip #4: Rental Property Management Atlanta Helps Price Your Rental Fairly

In a rental market as hot as Atlanta, it may be tempting to increase rent prices drastically year by year. If you could charge $1,750, why would you charge only $1,200? Raising the rent each year makes sense, many property owners do this and tenants expect it. However, our expert property managers caution against raising the rent too much. You may think that your tenant will be willing to pay more, or you can quickly place a new tenant but that isn’t usually the case. If your old tenant decides to move out, you will need to spend several weeks and hundreds of dollars turning over the property and advertising for new tenants. Each day that goes by without a new tenant is income lost. Most of the time it makes more sense to keep good tenants at a lower rental rate than risk a vacancy if you raise the rent too much. If you aren’t sure where your rental should be priced, talk to the experts at Specialized Property Management Atlanta. Our team knows the local market and we can help you price your rental correctly.

Tenant Retention Tip #5: Good Communication Between Tenants and Rental Property Management Atlanta 

Open and respectful communication is the key to a good tenant-landlord relationship. When your tenant moves in, make sure you have the correct contact information and find out their preferred method of communication. Provide them with multiple ways to contact you, including email and phone number. Make sure they know who to call in case of an emergency. 

As we stated above, never drop in on your tenant unannounced. Call or email to set up a good time to come inspect the home or deal with a maintenance issue. Communicate regularly in a non-commercial way to ensure all their needs are being met. These simple steps will show your tenant you care about them and their well-being, and help you form a long-lasting relationship.

If you encounter lease compliance issues, it is important to stay calm and be respectful. Most of the time lease compliance issues boil down to tenants not understanding the terms of the lease or what is expected of them. Communicate clearly and respectfully what is wrong and how they can fix it so you don’t cause tension. For more tips on better communication read this post.

Expert Rental Property Management Atlanta is Here for You

Great property management is a delicate balance of keeping your tenants happy and maintaining your cash flow. Property owners trust the experts at Specialized Property Management because of our experienced professionals and proven processes. We have the experience needed to avoid costly mistakes that put your investment at risk. To learn more about our full range of property management services, visit this page. For a professional rental property management quote, call us today at 404-596-8454.

Choose the Top Stone Mountain Property Management Company

Only 15 miles from downtown Atlanta, Stone Mountain is home to a vibrant community and some of the best landscape in the state. Some may overlook this town of only 6,300 residents, however, as one of the top Stone Mountain property management companies we know this small town has a lot to offer. The proximity to downtown Atlanta allows residents to take advantage of the vast Atlanta job market while maintaining a small-town lifestyle. Stone Mountain Park attracts locals and visitors alike for camping, hiking, golf and more. With so much to offer, and economic growth predicted, Stone Mountain is a great place to invest in a single-family rental home.

Why You Need a Property Manager For Your Stone Mountain Investment

Some property owners mistakenly believe you only need to hire a property management company if you live out of state. However, unless you are already an expert in marketing, tenant selection, housing law, and tenant-landlord legal issues, you could find yourself making costly mistakes that put your investment at risk. In fact, most Stone Mountain rental property owners find that our professional management increases their cash flow. Here are just a few ways we save our clients money:

  • Marketing: Visibility is an important part of our Stone Mountain property management marketing strategy. In addition to placing a sign in your yard our marketing experts will advertise your rental property across dozens of websites. The more visibility your rental property has the faster it will be rented to high-quality tenants.
  • Preparing: We will help you get your home rent-ready before putting it on the market, and price it competitively based on our knowledge of local real estate prices. When these crucial steps are overlooked it could mean letting great tenants pass by and increasing expensive vacancy days.
  • Screening: When a potential tenant fills out an application we are quick and thorough with our screening process. We know that vacancy days are expensive, however placing an unqualified tenant will cost you more in the long run.
  • Signing: Our team prepares the lease for signing and ensures your new tenant knows what their responsibilities are in the rental home. We also collect security deposits and fees and deposit them in escrow accounts according to Georgia law.
  • Collections: Whether your tenant pays rent in person, by mail, or online, we take care of collecting and disbursing payments. Our state of the art Stone Mountain property management technology allows your tenants to login to their tenant portal and make rent payments any time of the day or night.
  • Inspections: Most first time landlords only inspect their home at move-in and move-out. This common mistake can lead to damages and lease compliance issues. We find that regular inspections ensure your property is running smoothly, maintenance issues are dealt with swiftly, and your tenant is complying with the terms of the lease. 
  • Maintenance: After nearly 30 years in the property management business we are confident that proactive maintenance is the most cost-effective way to run a rental property. Your home’s systems will run better, for longer, when you maintain them well. Our property managers handle regular maintenance, and are on call for any maintenance emergencies that arise.

Inexperience in the Stone Mountain property management business often leads to increased vacancy days, fines, and evictions. With the help of our expert property managers, your rental home investment can become a successful cash flowing venture. 

Why Specialized is the Stone Mountain Property Management Company You Need

With so many choices for property management companies, why should you choose Specialized Property Management Atlanta? Our property managers go above and beyond to ensure you are satisfied with our services. In fact, we are so confident you will love our services we offer the following guarantees:

  • Money-Back Guarantee: If you aren’t satisfied with our property management services we offer a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee. You can trust our property managers to provide superior performance at every step of the way.
  • Quality Tenant Guarantee: Our thorough screening process will bring in highly qualified tenants, providing you with a steady rental cash flow. If a tenant placed by our manager breaks their lease within the first 10 months we will cover the costs associated with placing a new tenant.
  • Price Guarantee: One of the most important parts of running any business is budgeting for expenses. We know there is nothing more frustrating than negotiating a Stone Mountain property management fee, only to have it increased when you renew your contract a year later. Our price guarantee locks in your management fees for 3 years so you can feel confident planning for the future of your business.
  • Legal and Accounting Compliance Guarantee: Keeping up with the ever-changing local codes, ordinances, and housing laws can be difficult if it is not your full-time job. And if your rental home is out of code, or you break a housing law you could be facing steep fines. We guarantee your business will be in compliance with all legal and accounting rules so you never have to worry about the cost of violating them.
  • Property Protection Guarantee: Your rental home represents a significant investment, and it should be protected accordingly. Our proven processes safeguard your investment while protecting your bottom line. Cost-effective maintenance and regular inspections ensure your rental home is running smoothly at all times. 
  • Leading Technology Guarantee: Our Stone Mountain property management uses cutting edge technology to manage your investment efficiently. In an age of ever-increasing complexity in property management we use data to support management decisions and avoid unnecessary costs. 
  • Eviction Protection Guarantee: Unfortunately, even the most skilled property managers may need to evict a tenant. Evictions are not only a headache to process, but they can also cost thousands of dollars in court fees and lost rental income. However, if you choose to add on our optional Eviction Protection Guarantee you will be protected from dealing with this process. 

Our guarantees provide peace of mind that your rental home is in good hands. We know there are a lot of choices when it comes to who manages your property, which is why we are honored to be one of the top management companies in the area. We have the experienced professionals and proven processes you need to make your investment a success. 

What Our Stone Mountain Property Management Clients are Saying

Specialized Property Management Atlanta offers superior property management services in and around Stone Mountain. When you work with our experienced professionals, you can breathe easy and know your investment is being cared for. But you don’t need to take our word for it. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and 4.3 stars on Google reviews. Here are a few recent reviews from our property owners.

“Several weeks ago, one of our properties had a plumbing problem and we had to move the tenant out to repair the problem. As the owner, we are not living in Atlanta. We had to all count on PM. Jarrod took care the issue. He worked through the whole weekend in the rain. We are deeply impressed by his attitude towards his work. Thank you so much Jarrod.”

Daniel X. Google Review

“I was on the fence about hiring a management company, so I called a few of them to ask about their services and fees. Specialized was one of the few companies where somebody immediately picked up the phone. Since I am relatively new to being a landlord I had a lot of questions, and Jarrod was helpful and upfront. He was able to secure a signed lease within 10 days!”  –

Ton D. Google Review

Property owners are only half of the equation when it comes to Stone Mountain property management, and we are proud to say our tenants love working with us as well. Here are a few reviews from tenants.

“Specialized Property Management has been a pleasure to deal with. They have been there to answer any questions I had regarding my next rental. I’d recommend them if you’re looking for your next property!” 

Patrick W. Better Business Bureau Review

“Outstanding customer service and professionalism. All the folks at Specialized Property Management treat their tenants like family and special recognition goes to [our property manager] who always goes above and beyond to service customers and give helpful recommendations to all, ensuring that we have an awesome experience with Specialized Property Management.” 

James S. Better Business Bureau Review

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We know searching for a Stone Mountain property management company can be an arduous process. You need a company you can trust to reduce costs without cutting corners. We encourage you to compare our comprehensive services with other management companies in the area and see for yourself why our clients return to us year after year. We are confident you will be satisfied with our knowledge of the local market and personalized management style. When you’re ready to put the headache of property management behind you, and start making a better return on investment, call Specialized Property Management Atlanta. For a no-obligation professional rental management quote, call 404-596-8454.