7 Tips to Finding More Reliable Tenants

Atlanta rental management companies know property owners are anxious to get new tenants quickly. But Specialized Property Management Atlanta makes sure you don’t learn the hard way by trying to fill your vacancies so quickly that you fail to get a quality tenant.

    1. Specialized Property Management Atlanta requires applications for all prospects who are 18 years and older. By doing this, we can reduce your risk by making certain all renters in your property are responsible for payments and gainfully employed.
    2. We verify income and require that the combined gross household income is at least three times the monthly rent amount. That means if the rent is $1850 each month, the combined gross household income must be at least $5,550. Some income proof that Atlanta rental management companies accept are pay stubs, tax return documents, or offer letters typed on official letterhead.
    3. Credit checks are essential to ensuring you have a quality and reliable tenant. Credit checks provide you with insight into how responsible a renter will be based upon their previous debts and bills. We recommend avoiding applicants with previous evictions and judgments on their credit checks.
    4. Rental history, like credit checks, allows property owners to converse with previous landlords of applicants and inquire as to what type of tenant they were. Some questions you can legally ask a previous landlord include the following: “Was rent paid on time?” “If not, how many late payments were received?” “Did the resident have any habitability problems?” Or “Would you rent to this resident again?”
    5. Criminal background checks let Atlanta rental management companies know if prospective applicants have had any run-ins with the law including problems with theft, drugs, or even violent and sexual offenders which could pose a threat to you and increase your liability and risk as a property owner.
    6. Contact personal references like friends, colleagues, family members, and employers. It’s always beneficial to speak with employers and colleagues to discover if you can depend on an applicant to take good care of your home and pay rent on time.
    7. Stay informed about housing laws. It’s imperative that Atlanta rental management companies don’t discriminate against applicants based on things like religion, race, sex, national origin, or marital status.

Give Specialized Property Management Atlanta a call today to make sure you avoid risky tenants who pay rent late, cause property damage, or pose eviction risks. With years of experience in the industry, you’re sure to get a trusted property management company through us.

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