Atlanta Real Estate Management: How to Get Your Property Rent-ready

Like any landlord, you’re eager to fill vacancies, and quickly. However, Specialized Property Management Atlanta knows many property owners take costly shortcuts to fill a vacancy.  After all, days a house sits vacant are days rent isn’t being paid.  However, if a house isn’t ready to show, you may turn off more qualified tenants and have to settle for ones that may be risky or problematic, which may cost more in the long run. At Specialized Property Management Atlanta, we know how to get your home rent-ready as efficiently as possible upon move-out of the previous tenant.

Curb Appeal in Atlanta Real Estate Management

One of the first things prospective applicants will see when they arrive at your property is the exterior. Specialized Property Management Atlanta doesn’t cut corners when it comes to curb appeal. We inspect for properly working sprinkler heads, plants and healthy grass, no broken-down vehicles or appliances, litter, graffiti, and any maintenance concerns that could ruin that first impression as people approach your front door.

Functioning House

In addition to being visually attractive, it is important to inspect all properties for functionality. Atlanta real estate management team, Specialized Property Management Atlanta, checks for plumbing and electrical repairs, habitability (pest or mildew) issues, tests all appliances and smoke detectors, and also re-keys each property. This ensures the safety of our future residents while also removing liability from the property owners. It’s also required by law.

Leave a Good First Impression

We work quickly to make sure your property is rent-ready as quickly as possible and never show the property while it is under construction or in the midst of the turnover process. Atlanta real estate management company, Specialized Property Management Atlanta, knows it’s hard for prospects to visualize themselves living in a place that doesn’t appear “homey” or welcoming. You can rest easy knowing that we remove any personal items left behind by previous tenants, including inspecting all storage areas, attics, basements, or garages. We also recommend using neutral colors that appeal to all applicants and keep utilities on (especially electric) so residents can accurately see the property and picture themselves living there comfortably.

Market Comparisons

It’s imperative that your rent-ready home is marketed at an appropriate price to avoid long vacancy times. Specialized Property Management Atlanta conducts market comparisons to see what other Atlanta property management companies and private owners are asking for similar homes.

Call us today to find out how we can get your rental property rent-ready in no time.

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