Evictions: Protect Yourself

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Evictions are one of the top 3 reasons why property owners hesitate to rent out their homes. It can be a terrifying process running the numbers and trying to account for all of the “what-ifs.” Even the best property management companies in Atlanta, GA, can’t guarantee your property won’t have an eviction, but Specialized Property Management Atlanta has an Eviction Protection Plan which helps protect you from expensive legal fees in the event of an eviction.

What Triggers an Eviction?

While property managers should always conduct a rigorous screening process for rental applicants, evictions are always unexpected and expensive. Some of the reasons we’ve seen evictions include loss of income creating nonpayment of rent, prolonged illegal activity on the property, or lease violations. While regular inspections of rental property to lower the risk of lease violations leading to evictions, not every factors will be readily apparent..

Legal Fees Add Up Quickly

Filing an Unlawful Detainer (aka eviction) immediately activates the cash register for your attorney. The eviction process should always be from a legal standpoint and never a personal decision. If residents contest an eviction, it can take months to resolve, and even the best property management companies in Atlanta GA could feel the pain on their financial statements. Specialized Property Management Atlanta always makes certain that Unlawful Detainers are executed in compliance with the law to prevent even more fees and penalties.

How You Can Protect Yourself

To protect our homeowner clients and keep their cash flow high, we offer a comprehensive Eviction Protection Program. Our program is available for any tenant placed by Specialized Property Management Atlanta. It requires a low monthly fee for each property and, in turn, Specialized Property Management Atlanta will pay the filing, court costs, and legal fees in the event we have to file an Unlawful Detainer for your property.

Specialized Property Management Atlanta is one of the best property management companies in Atlanta, GA, and reduces your financial risk while increasing your peace of mind. Call us today to learn how you can make your rental property more stable and reliable by protecting yourself from an unexpected eviction.

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