How to Read Atlanta Real Estate Management Reviews

Reading online reviews is a great way to research before you buy. Reviewers share their own experiences, the pros and cons of the product, and whether they think it was a worthwhile investment. Reviewers may also share helpful tips, such as ordering a certain t-shirt one size smaller than your normal size. A television set may look like a great deal, but if reviewers state it stops working after a year your money would be better spent elsewhere. When evaluating Atlanta real estate management companies, you may be tempted to take the same approach to research. It is a smart idea to gather information through other’s experiences, especially before choosing a property management company. But before you begin, there are some things you should know about online reviews. Read below to learn more about deciphering online reviews in an interpersonal industry like property management.

What Makes Property Management Different?

Property management is a unique industry because it centers around a basic human need: shelter. Property managers, tenants, and property owners must be able to communicate about things such as finances and emotions efficiently in order to maintain a good working relationship. When this relationship breaks down it can end in tenant turnover, financial loss, property damage, or even eviction. In addition, property owners are often renting out the house they used to call home. If they are still emotionally attached, it can be difficult to see another family living there. This complicated interpersonal relationship leads property owners to rely on rental property management companies in Atlanta to handle the day to day aspects of managing the property. At Specialized Property Management Atlanta, we do our best to keep the lines of communication open so both tenant and property owner are satisfied with the agreement. 

Specialized Property Management Atlanta specializes in managing single-family homes, which is a unique niche in the market. Many tenants move from an apartment complex to a single-family home, and are unaware that there are different laws and regulations for these two types of dwellings. While we try to set correct expectations for the property owner and tenant, sometimes there are miscommunications when it comes to who is responsible for certain things around the home. Incorrect expectations, assumptions, or miscommunications can lead to negative reviews, in the same way that good experiences can lead to positive reviews. 

Why Online Reviews are Important for Customers And Businesses

Reading online reviews is an important first step when looking for a property management company. Reviews allow you to gather information about Atlanta real estate management from a wide variety of past and present clients, in a way that was impossible before the internet. Think about the last time you bought something or signed up for a service. How did you gather information about it? Did you get a recommendation from a friend who bought that thing or used that service? When someone you know and trust gives you a recommendation you are more likely to buy that product or service. Online reviews serve in the same way as a personal recommendation. According to research by the Spiegel Research Center, “the purchase likelihood for a product with five reviews is 270% greater than the purchase likelihood of a product with no reviews.” Clients benefit from this quick and easy way to judge whether a business or product is worth their time. Businesses also benefit because reviews on the internet spread much faster than the typical word of mouth process. That means that when we do a good job, you are more likely to hear about it.

What to Know About Negative Reviews

For Specialized Property Management Atlanta, and other rental property management companies in Atlanta, negative reviews do happen. Even with our experience and commitment to superior standards, emotions and tensions can become tough to navigate. In addition, studies have found that consumers are much more likely to share a bad experience than a good one. One study found that 95% of respondents told others about a bad experience, while only 87% told others about a good experience. 

However, there are several situations that can lead to negative reviews where they shouldn’t be. Here are two ways to spot a review that doesn’t provide the whole picture.

  • Laws and Regulations – Rental homes are heavily regulated by the Department of Real Estate. In particular, there are maintenance items for which the tenant is responsible, and other items for which the landlord is responsible. Tenants sometimes write negative reviews complaining that they were forced to pay for a repair, without realizing it is their responsibility according to the Department of Real Estate. The professional property managers at Specialized Property Management Atlanta work quickly to inform each tenant of their responsibility so there is no guesswork involved. 
  • Speeding Up Requests – Some work, such as processing a rental application or lining up an outside vendor to do maintenance, takes time to complete. Specialized Property Management Atlanta is one of the top Atlanta real estate management companies in part because we keep our owners and tenants in the loop about these processes. Occasionally tenants and owners think if they write a negative review it will help them get through the process faster, which simply isn’t true. Additionally, we value high-quality work and do not cut corners in order to get something finished faster. If you are concerned about the time it takes to finish a task, we welcome you to reach out to our office. In these situations communication is key.
  • Failing to Communicate – When a problem with a rental property arises, our property owners and tenants are given instructions regarding who to contact and how. Our team is available 24/7 to address both major and minor issues. However, there are individuals who decide that rather than communicating an issue and finding a solution, they prefer to vent their frustrations online. In these cases we reach out to the reviewer, try to understand their frustration, and work to make it right. 

Where to Find (And Leave!) Reputable Reviews About Rental Property Management Companies in Atlanta

How do you find reviews you can trust? You need to know where to look. Fake reviews plague the reputation management industry making it difficult for consumers to know what is true. One study found as much as 16% of Yelp reviews are fake, posted to boost a business’s reputation or harm their competitor. To get a better picture of how a company does business, look at the reviews on Google and the Better Business Bureau. These sites allow the business to reply to reviewers, addressing some of the concerns found above.

  • Google Reviews – Google has algorithms for everything, including which business reviews are truthful and included on their website. Google reviews, while not perfect, are a more accurate representation of how the business you are viewing is run. 
  • Better Business Bureau – The Better Business Bureau rates businesses on a variety of factors. Each business is rated, from the lowest rating of F to the highest rating of A+ (or NR for no rating if there is insufficient information to rate with). What makes the BBB different is how they gather information for their rating system. Rather than only relying on consumers to rate the businesses, including Atlanta real estate management companies, they monitor a business’s interactions with their clients. They also take data from public data sources to aid the rating process. 

The BBB uses seven different elements to rate companies. 

  1. Complaint history 
  2. Type of business 
  3. Time in business 
  4. Business transparency
  5. Honoring BBB commitments
  6. Licensing
  7. Truth in advertising

The BBB also provides accreditation for businesses that abide by a set of high standards for trust. Accreditation standards include building trust, advertising honestly, being transparent and honest, honoring promises, responding quickly to disputes, safeguarding personal information, and showing integrity. To learn more about BBB accreditation, visit this page.

Specialized Property Management Atlanta is one of the highest-rated rental property management companies in Atlanta. We have 5 stars from 135 BBB customer reviews, an A+ rating, and have been accredited since 2012. We have 4.4 stars from 27 Google reviews including one from user Steve P. stating, 

“…After SPM took over, that [rental] property’s revenue generation increased significantly; I no longer had the burden of maintenance and tenant calls; and SPM’s online portal made bookkeeping/tax prep a breeze.  But what really distinguishes SPM (and prompted me to write this review) is their customer service. It. Is. Excellent. My account with them was for a SINGLE property. They treated me like I was their largest account, and I always felt like they were on top of even the smallest issues.  SPM didn’t ask for my trust … they earned it.”

Our high standards, proven processes, and commitment to clients have earned us trust in the Atlanta community, despite the challenges inherent in the rental property management industry. To read even more testimonials written by owners and tenants, visit our testimonial page.

Atlanta Real Estate Management You Can Trust

The professionals at Specialized Property Management Atlanta are ready to help you make your investment property into a success. Our excellent customer reviews and BBB accreditation are a result of years of hard work and dedication to our clients and tenants. To learn more about all of the services we offer, visit this page. Call us today at 404-596-8454 for a rental quote

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