How to Rent Your House Fast with Specialized Property Management

Do you want your investment property to beat the average real estate investment statistic? The quick and easy “For Rent” signs in the front yard are not always enough to get you a reliable tenant quickly and the highest rental rate. Because it’s a great time to rent, the “buy and hold” strategy is paying off big time for investors giving them great returns instead of the old school “buy and flip” strategy. If you’re looking how to rent your house fast, don’t waste time trying to do it yourself. Choose Specialized Property Management and can get the most return out of your real estate investment property. Here’s why you need us:

    • Avoid Costly Mistakes: You’ve heard the saying, “hope for the best and prepare for the worst.” This applies to the “rent my home out” market. You can hope for the highest rent rates, but you should be cautious of dips in the market. Too often landlords find themselves over-estimating rent rates which can slow down the rental process, costly more money in the long run. When you hire SPM, we conduct thorough market comparison research to make sure you are getting an the highest rent rate possible on your property. Another costly mistake is not knowing fair housing laws or needing to start the eviction process and not knowing how to do it. Specialized Property Management has almost 30 years of knowledge when it comes to legal matters of all kinds. You can feel confident that your property is in good hands with SPM and that all aspects of your property are being handled carefully and legally.
    • How to Rent Your House Fast and Improve Cash flow: The average vacancy time in the US rental market is currently at 6.9% which is lower than last quarter, when the rate was 7.5%. The long term average vacancy rate is 7.37%. When investors choose SPM, they can feel confident we know how to rent your house fast. Upon move out, we immediately re-key your property, conduct a thorough move-out inspection, schedule all repairs and vendors, cleaners, and market your property across multiple outlets. We conduct professional showings and give prospective applicants all the information they need so they can make an educated decision. We also screen our rental applicants and hold them to a high standard. This protects you and makes certain you get the best of the best renters.
    • Save on Expenses: Conducting regular interior and exterior inspections of rental homes saves a lot of headaches and unnecessary repairs in the long run. By catching maintenance repairs early, you avoid hidden and further damage to your investment. For example, a simple slow leak in a pipe may not cause damage right away, but if undetected or unreported, you can be dealing with thousands of dollars in repairs. SPM also has agreements with local vendors to get you the best deals and rates on repairs and replacements. One of the biggest expenses investors end up paying when they try to manage properties themselves is legal fees. Trust your instinct and don’t stress about whether you are up to date on all the many local, state, and federal fair housing laws and regulations. Leave it to the professionals, like us, and feel confident you are legally protected.
    • Create Long Term Stability: When renters feel respected, they are likely to stay in a home long term. That’s a feeling SPM strives to give it’s tenants. That’s why we have a 24-hour maintenance emergency hotline for our residents, allow online rent payments for their convenience, and treat everyone ethically and equally. And we treat our clients the same way. We value updated information and communication with our clients. You’ll find yourself saying “I’m so glad I decided to rent my home out with Specialized Property Management.”
    • Stay Informed: Our homeowners have complete access to any information about their investment properties simply through their owner portal which only requires a internet connection. That means you can be vacationing on the beaches on Bali while we do the dirty work (like plunging toilets) for you and you can stay 100% in the know. Through our owner portal, you can view rent payments, application status, number of viewings you’ve had at your vacant property, and financial disbursements.

If you’re looking how to rent your house fast, don’t learn the hard way that property management is a tough business. If not handled legally and ethically in all situations, you can find your small mistakes become costly. Choose Specialized Property Management as your professional source in caring for your investment. You can rest easy knowing you will avoid costly mistakes, improve cash flow, save on expenses, create long term stability, all the while staying informed. Give us a call today.

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