Prevent Safety Hazards and Get Organized in Time to Enjoy Summer

The sun is out, the air is warm, and the colorful flowers are blooming, giving you the itch to open up the windows, get outside, and soak up the nice weather. Atlanta rental management companies like Specialized Property Management are no stranger to the toll the winter weather takes on the interior and exterior of your apartment, home, and landscaping. Spring cleaning helps you keep a well-maintained property and prevents damage before it costs you a fortune in repair or replacement fees.

10 Steps for a Routine Safety and Health Check

Whether you’re talking about health or real estate, prevention is the best way to go. Just as you would schedule routine health screenings and check-ups, you should conduct routine safety checks of your property to prevent hazards.

    • Check all handrails to make sure they are safely secured to walls and fixtures. Local fire departments often conduct this type of inspection at apartment complexes. If you are the homeowner or renter, it’s a good way to keep yourself and your tenants safe. Clean out debris from rain gutters, so rainstorms don’t create pooling or flooding on the property. Gutter cleaning can also be outsourced to vendors.
    • Inspect carpeted areas for edges that are lifting or buckling. This presents a tripping hazard and should be properly secured.
    • Check bathroom glass shower doors and toilet seats to ensure they are securely and safely fastened. Glass shower doors can easily come off track, and making certain they are gliding easily along the track can prevent a safety hazard before it happens.
    • Atlanta rental management companies should inspect all electrical outlets and make sure they do not feel warm to the touch. Carefully look at all plugs and wiring to see that nothing is frayed and that no outlets are overburdened. For more information on how to prevent electrical fires, click here.  
    • Replace batteries in smoke, carbon monoxide, and security alarm systems. Push the “test” button on each device, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll be alerted in case of an emergency.
    • Vacuum and clean all interior and exterior air vent filters. This includes the vents behind the refrigerator, television, cable box, air conditioning unit filters, and more. Atlanta rental management companies know that vacuuming and dusting these vents and filters can prevent fires. Replace range hood filters as well, as these get grease build up from stove-top cooking during the winter months.
    • Open and close all doors and windows to see that they close, seal tightly, and lock properly. Apply lubricant to squeaky hinges, tighten screws, and check for any mildew growth along the edges of windows. The warm interior air that hits a cold window in the winter time is a perfect environment for mildew and mold growth. Clear out the window weep holes so excess moisture can drain.
    • Clean out drains and disposals. One of the most common maintenance issues landlords and rental companies hear about are clogged tub drains. The majority of the problem comes from clogged hair in the drain. Snake tub drains, so your residents don’t have to stand in a pool of water while showering.

Spring Cleaning Keeps Tenants and Atlanta Rental Management Companies Happy

Spring is a great time to schedule maintenance and make repairs. Specialized Property Management in Atlanta, GA, wants to keep tenants happy. We’ve found that performing routine maintenance checks ensures residents are not left without air conditioning in the hot summer months, heat in the winter months, and keeps everyone safe from hazards on the property. Residents alike get that extra pep in their step when they declutter, organize, and show tender loving care to their rental. Filter through your closet and donate any items that you haven’t worn in a year. Neatly package and put away the coats, gloves, snow boots, and beanies until the next cold season. When tenants and Atlanta rental management companies work together and both care for the property, everyone is happy.

Reward Yourself

All work and no play will cause you to dread spring cleaning. Once you’ve finished your checklist of routine safety checks and decluttering, you should reward yourself with a fun day. Get outside, go to a park, lake, or spend a day shopping (now that you have a little more closet space).

For more information on how Specialized Property Management can keep your property well maintained year-round and limit your liability, call us today.

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