Referral Rewards from One of the Top Property Management Companies in Atlanta

Specialized Property Management values it’s clients and we love to show you how much we appreciate your business. Without you, we wouldn’t be as successful as we are today. That’s why we created a referral rewards program to give back to our clients who spread the word about their positive experiences with one of the top property management companies in Atlanta. If you love SPM, let your family, friends, and neighbors know the great interactions you’ve had with us. If you do, you’ll have rewards coming your way just like you would with a credit card reward program.

How Top Property Management Companies in Atlanta Show Their Appreciation

When clients refer us to family, friends, neighbors, or other real estate investors in their network, they can earn a credit every month towards our management services. Unlike other management companies, there is no limit as to how many referrals you can give or how often. That means the more you refer our services, the more likely you are to get a higher cash flow on your investment because your management fees will be lower, so long as your referrals result in a property management agreement.

Why You Should Refer Specialized Property Management

As the top real estate property management, Atlanta, GA, investors can be proud and confident to recommend us to other investors, friends, and neighbors. We have lower than average vacancy rates when compared to other management companies and hustle to ensure your get long term quality tenants. Here’s how:

  • Turnover Process. No one is more time-efficient during the turnover process. We immediately re-key your property, conduct a thorough move-out inspection, schedule maintenance and vendors, spruce up your curb appeal, and market your rent-ready home. Marketing your investment property the right way is crucial to filling vacancies quickly. We collect data for market analysis to make certain the asking rent price of your house is accurate and competitive. Specialized Property Management advertises its client’s properties across multiple websites to increase the amount of interest. Our professional and educated team schedules and conducts showings of houses and goes to great lengths to make sure you get only the most qualified tenants.
  • Our Rigorous Screening. Not just anybody will qualify to rent your home. We know you want the best and we do too. We lower your risk by requiring that all applicants who are 18-years or older fill out and submit a signed application. Verifying income proof helps us know if your tenants financially qualify. Just like other top property management companies in Atlanta, we require they submit income proof (two most recent pay stubs, six months of bank statements, or two previous years of tax return documents, etc) at the same time as their applications. SPM pulls both credit check and background check reports. We’ve found that by doing this, we get our clients the most reliable and responsible tenants possible. And let’s not forget rental history. We like to see a proven track record that tenants respect and take good care of the houses they’ve lived in previously. We do call previous landlords and management companies.
  • How We Treat Our Tenants. Top property management companies in Atlanta know that if they care for and respect the property, tenants are more likely to do so as well. That’s why we quickly respond to all maintenance requests and schedule repair vendors as soon as possible. We have a 24-hour maintenance emergency hotlines so tenants can reach us whenever the need arises. We know our residents are busy, that’s why we created online tenant portals so residents can pay rent at their convenience and request maintenance. We also enforce lease agreement rules and policies in a polite and firm manner and treat all residents equally. We adhere to all Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity Laws so no one will ever be discriminated against. We work for you and protect you from legal battles by staying educated on housing laws and following legal procedures in the event of an eviction.

Share the Love

You can feel confident and at peace knowing that not only is your investment property performing and in good hands, but your friends’ are as well. We have the highest standard of reliable and professional service and treat your real estate asset like a financial advisor would treat your financial portfolio. It literally pays to put the top real estate property management, Atlanta, GA, team and proven process to work for your friends and neighbors. It’s a win-win opportunity that you don’t want to miss. For more information on our referral rewards program and policies, call or email us today.

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