An Easier Way To Pay Rent With Your Atlanta Property Management Company

With over 30 years in Atlanta property management, we know that paying rent can sometimes be tricky, for both tenants and property owners. There isn’t always an option that works perfectly for everyone, especially if you want to make a secure payment using cash. That is why we are introducing a tenant program that makes things easier for everyone involved. With our RentMoney program for tenants, it is now possible to turn cash payments into secure ACH electronic transactions. Now you can pay your rent in cash at a convenient location, and your payment will be instantly added to your tenant ledger. Find out more about this new option for rent payments below.

What Is RentMoney?

RentMoney is a new option for tenants to use when paying rent. Other options, such as echecks, typically require access to your bank account. This program allows you to make secure cash payments by logging into your tenant portal, creating a payment voucher, and taking the voucher to a convenient location. No more driving to the Specialized Property Management Atlanta office to make your rent payment. Pay on your time, with cash, through RentMoney.

How Do I Pay Rent to My Atlanta Property Management Company Through RentMoney?

As a tenant, how do you utilize RentMoney? Every tenant has access to a personalized tenant portal through Specialized Atlanta. This portal allows you to easily pay rent if you choose an electronic payment method. If, like many of our tenants, you prefer to pay in cash, RentMoney allows you to create a voucher in your portal. Here is how to create a voucher:

  1. Logon to your tenant portal.
  2. Select the “My Payments” tab, scroll to the “Make a One-Time Payment” option.
  3. On the “Select Payment Method” screen choose RentMoney.
  4. The next screen allows you to choose how much you want to pay, either the full balance or a partial balance (if partial payments are accepted). Choose how much you will pay then click “Cash Payment Voucher” and print your voucher, or save a copy onto your mobile device.
  5. Take your voucher and cash to a convenient payment center near you and hand your voucher to the employee to pay rent for your rental home in Atlanta. 
  6. The employee will process your payment and give you a receipt.

When you have paid your rent through RentMoney, our property managers are alerted and the transaction is recorded on our ledger instantly. 

How Does RentMoney Benefit Tenants?

Cash payments are easier than ever with RentMoney. No more trekking back and forth to the Specialized Property Management Atlanta office during our office hours to pay your rent. Choose a location near your home or work to make rent payments on your schedule. Locations are easy to find, simply click on the “Search Payment Centers” button when you are on the payment screen to search for locations near you. Over 25,000 retail locations participate including WalMart and Kroger stores.

Is RentMoney Really Secure?

RentMoney is the most secure way to pay your rent with cash. When you bring your voucher and your cash to a payment center you can be sure it will be immediately credited to your account with our Atlanta property management company. Each voucher includes the Biller name (RentMoney), your account number, name, and total payment amount (your payment plus a bill payment fee). For security, your voucher includes your account code, which is a unique number. This code is never changed or used for a different tenant – it is what we use to record your payment in the tenant ledger.

Frequently Asked Questions About RentMoney

Have more questions about RentMoney? Here are our most commonly asked questions and their answers. If you don’t see your question listed here, feel free to contact us. We want to make the process of paying rent as easy as possible.

Q. What do I need to bring to the payment center?

A. You only need your RentMoney voucher and U.S. currency. In addition, it is helpful to know the current balance owed for your rental home in Atlanta. The employee at the payment center will not have access to any of the information on your tenant portal. 

Q. What happens if the employee makes a mistake typing in my information?

A. Check your receipt as soon as your payment is processed. If you notice the information is incorrect, contact Specialized Property Management Atlanta immediately with your name, your account code, and your receipt.

Q. How do I find a payment center near me?

A. When creating your voucher, click on the “Search Payment Centers” button on the payment screen. Search for centers by zip code. Alternatively, visit this page and select “RentMoney” under “Biller.”

Choose Specialized Property Management Atlanta

RentMoney is just one way we streamline property management so everyone benefits. To learn more about our Atlanta property management company, call us today. We can help you find the perfect home to rent, or help you manage your investment property. Simply call 404-596-8454 to get started today!