Tenant Move-Out Procedures that Ensure a Smooth Transition

Whether you’re moving onto your next rental or into your newest home purchase, Specialized Property Management is here to make the transition out of your current rental home as seamless and stress-free as possible. As the leading rental property management Atlanta, GA, has to offer, we have created a few guidelines to help you prepare for your move out, once your lease has come to an end.

Preparing to Move Out

After you have given your leasing agent final notice that you intend to move out upon your lease expiration, it is time to prepare the property. Per your leasing agreement, you must return the rental property to a good and clean condition, much like it was upon your move in. At Specialized Property Management, the rental property management Atlanta, GA, residents trust, we recommend that you contact your leasing agent for a detailed checklist to ensure that you are meeting your lease terms’ move out procedures. Here is a brief overview of the of the items that need to be cleaned and addressed throughout the home before your move out date:

Remove all personal items – This includes all furniture, fixtures, and hardware that you brought with you into the home. Please replace all items that were original to the home at the time of your move in. Don’t forget to walk through the garage and remove your items! Many people forget about this important step.

Remove all trash from the premises –  It is vital that you arrange to have all trash removed from the property before move out. Be sure to remove any trash or items from the recycling bins as well. You should also schedule one final trash and recycling pick up with your service provider before you discontinue service and remove your name from that utility.

Thoroughly clean appliances – In addition to wiping down countertops, stovetops, cabinets, and drawers, you are responsible for cleaning the interior and exterior of these common appliances:

    • Microwaves
    • Oven
    • Range Hoods
    • Refrigerator
    • Washer & Dryer
    • Trash Compactors

Clean and disinfect bathrooms – Paying careful attention to sinks, toilets, and showers, use non-abrasive solutions or solvents to clean each bathroom. Don’t forget to wipe down all mirrors and faucets to remove water spots, dirt, and grime.

Clean all flooring – We recommend that you have the carpets professionally cleaned. It is also imperative that you wash and remove all stains or marks from non-carpeted floors.

Wipe down walls and windows – Wash all windows on the interior and exterior of the home as well as securing all screens upon completion. When tending to the walls, be sure to wipe them down with a simple solution of water and dish soap. Don’t forget to wipe down hallways, baseboards, and light switch plates and clear out any cobwebs.

Yard care and clean up – If your lease agreement stipulates that you are responsible for lawn care, then you must trim and remove debris from the yard and mow that lawn before your move out.

Repair damage –  If you, your pets, or your guests have caused any damage to the home during your stay, you must repair or replace what has been damaged before moving out.

On Your Last Day

The day has finally come. Now you must completely vacate the property with all of your belongings. Once that is complete, tenants are asked to return all keys (including spares, mailbox keys, etc.), by noon on the final day. It is important that you make sure that you schedule all utilities to be taken out of your name on the last day of your lease agreement. This ensures that the property is ready to have its new tenants coordinate utility services upon their move in without interruption.

Common Move Out Questions

As the premier rental property management Atlanta, GA, residents count on for quality customer service, we want to answer some frequently asked questions regarding what happens after you move out. Common questions include:

When will I receive my security deposit refund? The residential lease agreement that you signed at move in explains, in detail, the agreed upon refund procedure. It also describes ways you can avoid incurring additional charges upon move out.

What is considered normal wear and tear of a property? You will not be charged for ordinary wear and tear of the property. Ordinary wear and tear are considered to be the natural and gradual deterioration of the property over time that is the result of the tenant’s normal use of the residence. The extent of the damage, length of residency, and character and construction of the building are all considered when determining what is considered ordinary wear and tear.

What kinds of damage might I be charged for? Damage beyond ordinary wear and tear will cause you to incur additional charges, such as:

    • Negligence – This refers to damage that could have been avoided. This includes issues that escalated and caused greater damage as a result of the tenant’s failure to report it promptly to the owner or rental property management. Atlanta, GA, tenants are encouraged to always report issues as soon as it is noticed to protect the property as well as uphold the lease agreement.
    • Abuse You will also be charged if you knowingly abuses or misuses the property. This includes making changes to the property without written approval.
    • Accidental Damage – Even though the tenant didn’t intentionally damage the property, they are still financially responsible for the damage.

The Rental Property Management Atlanta, GA, Residents Depend On

For more than 35 years, Specialized Property Management has helped families and individuals transition in and out of rental homes with the utmost professionalism. We hope that you have enjoyed your stay and that we have been able to answer your questions regarding the move out process. We wish you all the best in the future. If you have any further questions, please contact one of our friendly representatives or visit your local office for more information.

Home Rental Companies: Atlanta Investors Need Experienced Property Management

Upon purchasing a rental house, cash flow is at the forefront of investors minds. Too often, people try to save themselves money by not hiring home rental companies. Atlanta investors may end up learning the hard way that managing the property themselves ends up costing them more. Below are 10 common questions investors ask and Specialized Property Management’s professional responses:

        1. How do I get my property rented out more quickly? When you hire SPM Atlanta, you can be certain your home will be rent-ready as soon as possible. At move-out, we conduct a thorough walk-through inspection of the home and make a list of any maintenance repairs or updates needed on the home. We quickly schedule vendors, re-key the property, and hire cleaners so your property can hit the market in a timely manner. SPM Atlanta also conducts market comparisons to make sure you get a competitive rental price for your home. If a price is too high, the house will stay vacant longer. If it is too low, investors will miss out on quality renters and extra cash flow.
        2. How can I better protect myself legally as a landlord? Professional property management is more that just collecting rent, its a legal advisor as well.  Staying up to date on all local, state, and federal housing laws is a key responsibility for home rental companies.  Atlanta property managers must also Practice good ethics with all of their prospective and active tenants. At SPM Atlanta, everyone gets treated equally.
        3. Will professional management fees hurt my cash flow? Because Specialized Property Management has faster leasing times than average, your management fees pay for themself. We also have 30 years of experience in the industry which helps us avoid costly mistakes. And you can be certain we are up to date on all local, state, and federal housing laws.
        4. How do property owners know what’s happening with their properties and home rental companies? Atlanta owners expect transparent communication and a 24-hour client hotline, which is exactly what you can expect with SPM. Clients also have an online portal they can access anywhere they have internet access. This provides our clients with information on financials, showings of their property, and any accepted applications.
        5. How do I choose the best property manager? Compare and contrast home rental companies. Atlanta investors should ask a lot of questions. Find out how they advertise vacancies, handle maintenance requests, and how much experience they have. 
        6. What can I do to make sure my property gets and stays rented? Tenants feel valued when they feel they’re being heard by rental property management. Atlanta, GA, companies must listen and respond quickly to their concerns. SPM has a long reputation of keeping properties well-maintained and has a 24-hour maintenance emergency hotline for tenants. We have proactive tenant retention programs that reward our residents for long term tenancy and keeping good care of the property. This leads to longer than average tenancies in our client’s investment properties.
        7. How can I make rent collection faster and more simple? Upon move-in, SPM ensures the tenants fully understand the lease agreement and rent payment rules. Tenants have the opportunity to pay rent online through the tenant portal, and, if they fail to pay, we follow up with appropriate notices, including legal notices to Pay Rent or Quit, if necessary. We utilize ACH deposit so our clients know when a rent check has cleared.
        8. How can I keep maintenance costs down on my rental property? Proactive property inspections are proven to keep repair and maintenance costs low. Too often, landlords hear the horror stories about a maintenance concern that was unreported or unnoticed. When you hire SPM, you can be certain your property will receive regular interior and exterior property inspections to catch problems early on. We also have a 24-hour maintenance hotline, so there’s no excuse for residents to not report a problem. Our clients also receive benefits of our vendor partnerships providing them with cost-effective maintenance repairs.
        9. Should I manage my own rental property to save money? It’s a common question that many investors ask themselves. However, we’ve found that most investors who try to save money on property management fees discover they end up spending more money in the long run due to maintenance, longer vacancy times, and legal expenses. While managing a single family home is easier than managing a multifamily complex, it still takes a lot of time and effort, from rent collection, to maintenance requests, to scheduling vendors, and so on.
        10. Why should I trust Specialized Property Management? We pride ourselves on having the highest of standards when it comes to placing a tenant, preparing a home for tenancy, and treating our clients with complete transparency. We also offer affordable management fees and we never have hidden charges.

Call SPM’s rental property management, Atlanta, GA, team today for a quote on managing your investment property.

10 Rules to Avoid Legal Problems

Let’s not beat around the bush – lawyer fees are costly and nobody wants to be at the center of a lawsuit. These fees can quickly eat away at profits and that’s why it’s so important to have rental property management. Atlanta, GA, homeowners trust Specialized Property Management Atlanta. We are knowledgeable about state and federal laws and have years of experience which helps reduce your risk of lawsuits. Below are ten ways we can help you keep the cash in your pocket instead of your lawyer’s pocket:

    • Don’t discriminate: The Americans with Disabilities Act states that you, as a landlord, cannot discriminate against people with disabilities. Residents who require improvements and adjustments based on their disabilities may request these in writing to rental property management. Atlanta GA, landlords, however, can require the tenant to restore the property back to its original condition. And remember, you cannot charge for service animals nor inquire what the disability is that requires the service animal.
    • Be Fair: The Fair Housing Act protects prospective tenants from landlord discrimination based on their race, color, sex, national origin, religion, handicap or familial status. Some states have added additional protected classes and violations of The Fair Housing Act can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Some companies even send out fake prospective tenants called “Secret Shoppers” who pretend to be looking for an apartment to ensure you are following fair procedures and not showing favoritism to any classes.
    • Habitability Laws: These laws state that Atlanta property management must provide safe and comfortable living environments for their tenants. For example, if you have a leak and can’t figure out where it’s coming from, don’t grab the nearest sledgehammer and open up walls trying to find the leaking pipe. Protect yourself from liability and hire licensed companies who have workers comp and limited liability insurance policies.
    • Be licensed: Ensure that you avoid legal pitfalls by having a valid real estate license.
    • Time is of the Essence: When Specialized Rental Property Management Atlanta, GA, is in charge, we respond quickly to maintenance requests and emergency situations. It’s important to us to always be available to our tenants and use call centers so we can accept maintenance emergency calls 24 hours a day.
    • Show me the Money: We always handle security deposits, application fees and rental payments properly.
    • Record Keeping: Specialized Rental Property Management Atlanta, GA, makes detailed notes on software systems like YARDI with when and how we responded to situations with tenants. We can date and time stamp our records limiting you and us from lawsuits.

Call Specialized Property Management Atlanta today for a quote to manage your property.