Tenant Move-In Procedures that Ensure a Successful Stay

As a new tenant with Specialized Property Management, we want to ensure that you have a successful stay in your new rental home. We have developed a detailed move-in process that establishes open communication and appropriate expectations for both tenants and landlords. During this time, you will receive everything you need to know about the move-in process in our resident manual. As one of the leading Atlanta property management companies, we strive to make the transition into your new home as easy and seamless as possible. Here is what you can expect from us when you sign your lease:

Lease Signing Meeting

After your application has been selected and processed, you will meet with your leasing agent to sign your lease and receive your keys. At this time, your agent will also hand you a copy of your Resident Manual. It is essential that you retain this manual throughout your stay so that you may refer to it as needed. It contains vital information regarding basic rules for renting the home, tenant and landlord responsibilities and expectations, as well as important contact numbers. We recommend that tenants set aside about an hour for the meeting so that they can review the documents in detail and ask any questions that may arise. Our team at Specialized Property Management values clear communication, and we want to ensure that you feel confident and comfortable moving into your new home.  

Walking Through the Home

Once you have reviewed the welcome packet given to you by your Specialized Property management leasing agent and received the keys, you will be given an Inventory and Condition form to fill out. Please walk through your new home as you complete this form, being sure to take pictures of any issues you note. Once you complete the Inventory and Condition form, email the form and photos back to your Specialized Property Management leasing agent within five days of your move-in date. It is important to note that this form remains in the leasing department, so if you see anything that needs repair or maintenance during your walkthrough, please submit a separate request through your the online tenant portal.

Caring for the Home

As one of the most trusted Atlanta property management companies, we are eager to work with you to ensure that the home is properly maintained so you can enjoy living in it throughout your lease. That’s why it is important to lay out the responsibilities of both the owner and resident clearly to avoid miscommunication or delayed requests.

Resident responsibilities include:

    1. Setting up utilities in your name upon move in.
    2. Keeping the home clean and tidy.
    3. Caring for the landscaping and lawncare.
    4. Performing minor and seasonal maintenance (replacing light bulbs, furnace filters and refrigerator water filters).
    5. Compliance with all HOA, local, and state property laws, rules, codes, and regulations.

Owner responsibilities include:

    1. Providing a thoroughly cleaned home that is safe and ready for new tenant occupancy.
    2. Rekeying all doors in the home that lead to the outside.
    3. Compliance with all state and federal laws regarding safety detectors in the home (fire, smoke, CO2).
    4. Supplying a copy of the HOA rules and regulations to the tenant for review (if applicable).

Paying Rent or Requesting Maintenance

Like most Atlanta property management companies, Specialized Property Management wants to make it easy for you to pay your rent on time. That is why we provide you with access to your private tenant portal where you can submit your rent online each month via a checking account or debit or credit card. You can even set up automatic recurring payments to ensure on-time payment and peace of mind. When maintenance or a repair is needed, you can log in to your tenant portal or call our maintenance hotline and speak with one of our friendly representatives to submit a ticket.

Building Great Relationships

Another way we set ourselves apart from other Atlanta property management companies is how we reward our tenants for on-time rent payments. When it is time to move out, Specialized Property Management offers a complete rent payment history and letter of recommendation upon request. This can help you in renting your next home. It can even help you when you are ready to purchase a home, as mortgage lenders often look for evidence of on-time payment history.

A Standout Among Atlanta Property Management Companies

At Specialized Property Management, we strive to provide tenants with the best-renting experience. By providing an easy-to-use tenant portal, 24/7 tenant support, and superior maintenance services, we make renting a home hassle-free. You can learn more about renting from Specialized Property Management by referring to the Resident Manual you received from your leasing agent. Call our customer care line if you would like to speak to one of our representatives and enjoy your new home!

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