The 7 Specialized Guarantees Set Us Apart From Other Atlanta Property Management Companies

Every rental property owner knows that when you are managing a property there is a delicate balance between saving money, reducing stress, and keeping tenants happy. While some property owners choose to self-manage in an effort to save money, they often find out they could reduce stress and manage their property more efficiently by hiring one of the top Atlanta property management companies. In addition, many property owners who self-manage end up spending more on fixing avoidable mistakes than it would cost to hire an experienced professional. Specialized Property Management Atlanta will not only shield you from the everyday stresses of property management, but we are also committed to saving you money using proven processes gained from years in business. Our Seven Specialized Guarantees will give you peace of mind to know that you are getting high-quality property management, at an affordable price. Read about our guarantees below then contact us for a rental quote.

1. 10-Month Quality Tenant Guarantee

Did you know one of the biggest expenses for rental property owners is vacancy days? When your property sits empty for weeks or months at a time you lose thousands in rental income, not to mention utility costs, maintenance, repairs, and advertising. Depending on the terms of the lease, most tenants give a 30-60 day notice before moving out, which reduces vacancy days by allowing time to schedule needed maintenance and repairs, and find a new tenant. But what happens when your tenant moves out unexpectedly without giving the proper notice? When you hire Specialized Property Management Atlanta, you are protected from the hassle and expense of placing a new tenant in this scenario. Any tenant who is placed by Specialized Property Management Atlanta is guaranteed for the first 10 months of the lease. That means that if the tenant placed by our Atlanta residential property management company breaks their lease without complying with the terms of the lease, we will cover the cost of replacing that tenant. This guarantee does not apply to tenants placed by the property owner or another management company, military tenants who leave due to orders or transfers, or tenants who comply with lease terms and pay required fees when breaking the lease. 

2.Eviction Protection Guarantee

Evictions are a property owner’s worst nightmare. In many cases an eviction becomes necessary when your tenant stops paying rent, meaning by the time your delinquent tenant is gone, you may have already experienced several months of lost rental income. The loss of income is made worse when you take into consideration the extensive time spent filing paperwork, and the legal fees you will incur. Our professional property managers work hard to place reliable tenants in every home we manage, performing thorough background and credit checks to reduce the risk of eviction. However, even with the best screening, evictions still happen. That is why we offer one of the top Eviction Protection Guarantees offered by Atlanta property management companies. For the first 10 months of your management agreement, Specialized Property Management Atlanta will cover the cost of an eviction for any tenant that we place. After the first 10 months, you can choose to continue your coverage for a small monthly fee. Protect yourself from the cost and headache of an eviction with Specialized Property Management Atlanta’s Eviction Protection Guarantee.

3.Price Match Guarantee

As a rental property owner, you are an investor, and should be picky about where your money goes. When choosing a rental property management company, it makes sense to shop around, learn what services are offered by each local property management company, and compare prices. At Specialized Property Management Atlanta, we are confident that we are offering a wide variety of high-quality services, at the best price in town. That is why if you find a different property management company offering equivalent services for a lower price we will match their price. How does our Price Match Guarantee work? Simply bring us a management proposal from a competing Atlanta residential property management company before signing your management agreement. If the services offered are the same but the price is lower, we will gladly match our competitor’s price. This offer is only available to new customers and cannot be applied retroactively. Learn more about this program by contacting one of our team members.

4. Legal And Accounting Compliance Guarantee

Federal, state, and municipal housing laws and complicated accounting regulations can be difficult to navigate, especially for first-time landlords. Unfortunately, many “property managers” offering discounted services end up violating these laws, through unethical practices, neglect, or simple ignorance. When that happens, the property owner is at serious financial and legal risk. Our experienced professionals are committed to ethical business practices and thorough accounting to give you protection and peace of mind. With our Legal and Accounting Compliance Guarantee, you are protected from these risks in three ways:

  1. We will ensure your rental property is compliant with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations.
  2. We will make sure your financials meet CPA GAAP as well as all the criteria required by the State Department of Real Estate. 
  3. Our Atlanta property management company will keep all your records in order to protect you from a regulatory audit. A single violation can be much more costly than the price of professional management.

5. Customer For Life Price Guarantee

We know you have likely encountered this scenario: you sign up for a service, settle on an affordable fee, only to have that fee increased drastically when it is time to renew. This business practice makes it difficult for property owners to budget for the future. It also signals that the company you have signed up with doesn’t really value you as a client. At Specialized Property Management Atlanta, we do business differently. We want every customer to know they deserve better, and that they aren’t just a number. That is why we offer a Customer For Life Price Guarantee. When you sign your management agreement, we lock in your fee terms for a period of three years. This three-year rate lock allows you to plan for the future and stop worrying if your fee will change. What happens if you acquire additional properties during your three-year period? We will honor the initial fee locked into your agreement for any additional properties you add, even if our fee structure has changed.

6. Money-Back Guarantee

At our Atlanta residential property management company, we believe that our clients choose to stick with us because of the unique experience they get. Our property managers truly care about you, your property, and your tenants. We form strong, trusting relationships with all our clients and they know they can count on us. The proven processes we use provide the best possible return on investment, and we offer a Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not happy with our services during the first 60 days of your management contract, we offer a refund on your first two months of management fees. Additionally, if you find yourself no longer needing our services, we will provide a smooth, hassle-free transition for you and your tenants with no hard feelings and no cancellation fees. All you need to do is give us 90 days notice in writing and ensure all vendor invoices have been paid. We know you will love the services we offer, but our Money-Back Guarantee is here to provide you with extra peace of mind.

7. 100% Customer Satisfaction Commitment

What makes Specialized Property Management Atlanta really stand out against other Atlanta property management companies? We are a full-service property management company with unparalleled customer service, proven processes, and affordable fees. Simply put, our property management company does the most to keep you and your tenants happy. We strive to go above and beyond the industry standards for property management. And as our client, you can enjoy a 100% Customer Satisfaction Commitment. What does that mean? We will do all we can to make sure you are satisfied with our services, and if for some reason you are not we will work hard to make things right. You deserve a property manager who wants to see you succeed, and has the experience to make it happen. Don’t get ripped off by a discount “property manager” who will take your money and skimp on the work. Trust the industry experts at Specialized Property Management Atlanta, and get the peace of mind that comes with our 100% Customer Satisfaction Commitment.

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Specialized Property Management Atlanta is one of the best property management companies in Atlanta for a reason. Our experienced professionals use proven processes to turn your investment into a success. With our Seven Specialized Guarantees, you can feel confident that your investment is in good hands. To learn more about the full range of services we offer, visit Our team is ready to help you make the most out of your rental investment. Call our offices today to schedule your rental quote.

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