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Kennesaw Georgia, the small and idyllic town northwest of Atlanta, is home to just over 34,000 residents. Kennesaw boasts numerous attractions including Kennesaw State University, the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History, beautiful parks, and cultural festivals. The strong local economy offers low unemployment, high wages, and a booming real estate market. In order to meet the needs of local residents and students from Kennesaw State University, the city has a wide variety of housing options. With growth predicted to continue in the area, we recommend investing in Kennesaw rental property. And when you are looking for the best property management in Kennesaw, look no further than Specialized Property Management Atlanta.

Self Management or Professional Property Management?

If you are purchasing rental property in Kennesaw you may be wondering, do I really need to hire a property manager? In a perfect world, with perfect tenants, self-management would be easy and hands-off. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world and property management is a full-time job with serious consequences for small mistakes. But, what exactly does a property manager do? Specialized Property Management Atlanta is a full-service property management company, meaning we take care of every aspect of the rental cycle. Here is what that means for property owners:

  • Property Inspections: Before you put your property on the market, our Specialized leasing team will identify areas that need attention and help you work through a “rent-ready” checklist. During your tenant’s lease, we perform periodic property inspections to ensure your property is running smoothly and your tenants are complying with the terms of the lease.
  • Marketing: In order to find highly qualified tenants, our Kennesaw property management company will advertise across dozens of websites, including our own rental listings page. To increase your property’s visibility, we place signs on the property and post virtual tours. Our marketing efforts lead to shorter vacancy times.
  • Property Showings: These days most tenants scan the internet for rental properties before calling up an agent for a showing. Your Specialized listing will include pictures and a video walkthrough showing off the best your property has to offer. Our experts are available for in-person showings as soon as a potential tenant contacts them, saving you the hassle of dropping what you are doing to show your property.
  • Tenant Screening: How do you find a reliable tenant? The first step is to screen every prospective tenant over 18 years old. Rigorous tenant screening should include a background check, credit check, income and employment verification, and rental history. Finding the perfect tenant may take time, but it is time well spent.
  • Lease Signing: Our expert property management in Kennesaw prepares all leasing documents to ensure you are in compliance with local, state, and federal housing laws. All deposits are placed in an escrow account as required by law. We also take the time to train your tenant so they know what to expect and how to take care of their responsibilities at the property.
  • Collecting Rent: On-time rent payments give property owners predictable cash flow and are crucial to keeping your rental property running smoothly. Our Specialized team reviews rent collection procedures at lease signing, such as how to pay rent, when rent is due, and what fees your tenant can expect if the rent is late. We provide an online tenant portal to give your tenant an easy, electronic way to pay at any time of day or night.
  • Maintenance: Whether routine or emergency, we take care of every type of maintenance issue at your rental property. Our Kennesaw property management experts know that a prompt response to maintenance requests leads to less turnover. We also perform cost-effective preventative maintenance to keep your home running smoothly and save you money.
  • Lease Renewals: Tenant retention is what we are working toward, which is why we are proactive about renewing your tenant’s lease. We contact your tenant in advance to remind them that it is time to renew. If your tenant decides to move on, we work to avoid vacancy days by getting your property rent-ready as soon as your old tenant has moved out. 
  • Reports For Clients: Some property owners worry that if they hire a property manager they will never know what is happening at their property. At Specialized Property Management Atlanta, that isn’t the case. We strive to be transparent and keep our clients in the know. That is why we provide an owner portal you can access any time of day or night. In your owner portal, you can view property and maintenance reports with detailed accounting documents. During the leasing process, we keep you up to date with weekly progress reports.

Property management in Kennesaw is hard work, and small mistakes can lead to increased risk. Don’t gamble on self-management or a discount property manager. Choose the expert team at Specialized Property Management Atlanta, and put your investment in good hands.

Specialized Guarantees That Set Us Apart

When you’re ready to leave the hassle of self-management behind, you may ask yourself, “how do I pick the right property management company?” There are many property management companies to choose from in the Atlanta metro area, but only Specialized Property Management offers the following guarantees:

  • Satisfaction Guarantee: At Specialized Property Management Atlanta, we are so confident you will be satisfied with our management during the first 60 days of your contract, that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. With our experienced professionals and proven processes, you can feel assured you are getting the best service out there.
  • Quality Tenant Guarantee: Tenant screening is one of the most important parts of Kennesaw property management, which is why we never cut corners when finding you the best tenant. If a tenant we place breaks their lease within the first 10 months of the lease, we will cover the cost of replacement. With our quality tenant guarantee, you can rest easy knowing you won’t have to cover the costs of an unexpected vacancy.
  • Price Lock Guarantee: There is nothing more frustrating than finalizing a budget for your rental property, only to be blindsided by hidden fees or price increases from your property manager. With our price lock guarantee, we promise you will never have to worry about hidden fees. We lock in your fee structure for three years when you sign a service agreement, allowing you to plan for your future.
  • Compliance Guarantee: Do you know all state and federal laws governing rental property? What about local ordinances, HOA bylaws, and accounting guidelines? There is more to property management in Kennesaw than finding and keeping your tenants. Housing and accounting laws are complex, and breaking them can put your investment at risk. With our compliance guarantee, we promise your property will always adhere to applicable laws so that you can avoid steep fines.
  • Property Protection Guarantee: We understand that when you entrust your investment to a property manager, you expect it to be well-cared for. Our property managers put strict policies and systems in place to ensure your home’s property value and condition are safeguarded. 
  • Technology Guarantee: Managing an investment property is complex and highly regulated, which is why we use data-driven systems for decision making. We gather real-time data in order to avoid unnecessary costs at your property. With our technology guarantee, you can be sure you are making informed decisions to reduce costs without sacrificing service.
  • Eviction Protection Guarantee: Evictions are every property owner’s nightmare, but with our Eviction Protection Guarantee, you can rest assured you won’t have to deal with one. We cover the costs of an eviction if a tenant we place breaks their lease within the first 10 months. In addition, we offer a low-cost optional extension to this program after the first 10 months.

Clients Review the Best Kennesaw Property Management Company

How do you know you’re getting the best property managers in Kennesaw? Our full range of services and Specialized Guarantees can seem too good to be true, but we promise they’re not! Just take a look at what other Kennesaw property owners and tenants have to say about our experienced professionals and proven processes.

“Excellent move in experience. Very helpful and considerate staff. 10/10, do recommend.” Martin B. Google Review

“Specialized Property Management has a very synergetic process for servicing their customers. I had questions about the process of finding a tenant for my property. There was always a person I could turn to provide me with information about where were at in the process.”

Wayland W. Google Review

“I highly recommend Specialized Property Management. Friendly, helpful staff! Thank you!”

Ashley L. Better Business Bureau Review

“Maintenance was very quick in responding and getting out to my home the very next day to do the repairs needed. I definitely give 5 stars would give more if I could.”

Shannaray S. Better Business Bureau Review

When you’re ready to leave the hassle of property management in Kennesaw behind, call the experts at Specialized Property Management Atlanta. Our team has the knowledge and experience to turn your investment into a success. To request a professional property management quote call us today at 404-862-8980.

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