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In the lively community of Alpharetta, residents enjoy a high quality of life including low unemployment and a median income higher than the national average. Located just north of Atlanta, its proximity to downtown Atlanta allows residents to take advantage of big-city perks while living the small-town lifestyle. In fact, Alpharetta was named the best place in Georgia to raise a family by Niche. Nature lovers can explore Willis Park, the Big Creek Greenway, or any of the other outdoor spaces maintained by the city. Downtown Alpharetta and Avalon offer a variety of places to relax, shop, and eat. Local museums and the Alpharetta Arts Center provide a vibrant culture to residents and visitors alike. 

The Alpharetta housing market provides a wide variety of housing options from apartments to single-family homes. If you are considering Alpharetta rental property management, you should know that it is one of the best places to invest in. New residents are flocking to the city to take advantage of its booming economy and top-rated schools. Home prices are rising, which means now is the time to buy. If you’re in the market for rental property, talk to our expert property managers about investing in Alpharetta.

What We Do for Property Owners

Why do you need an Alpharetta property manager? While self-management is possible, smart property owners know they can get a better return on investment by trusting their property to experts. Property management is complex, but property managers know how to handle every situation in a professional manner while making sure your tenants are happy. Here is how we do it:

  • Preparing Your Property: Before you put your property on the market, you need to get it rent-ready. Some rental homes only need a few simple upgrades such as changing the locks and carpet cleaning. Others need more extensive work to be safe and habitable. Our expert property managers will identify areas that need attention so your home can get onto the market as quickly as possible. 
  • Advertising: As a full-service property management company, Alpharetta property owners trust us to find great tenants in a short amount of time. Our strategy includes advertising across dozens of websites and placing highly visible signage at the property. Great advertising reduces vacancy days and brings in highly qualified tenants.
  • Strict Tenant Screening: Property owners who rush to place a tenant and cut corners during tenant screening are setting themselves up for trouble down the road. Strict tenant screening should include a credit check, background check, income and employment verification, and rental history for every tenant over 18. If you rush this process, you are putting yourself at risk for turnover or eviction.
  • Preparing Lease Documents: Preparing the lease agreement takes more than simply downloading a generic lease for your tenant to sign. In order to avoid confusion and reduce tenant turnover, we recommend preparing a strong and enforceable lease. If your tenant has a question about the property, they should be able to find the answer in their lease. In addition to preparing the lease, our Alpharetta rental property management experts will review it with your tenant so they know the details.
  • Addressing Maintenance Issues: How do rental property owners save money on maintenance? By planning ahead and being proactive. Our property managers schedule proactive maintenance to extend the life of your home’s systems. If an emergency maintenance issue arises, we are there to take the call and coordinate vendors. 
  • Performing Routine Inspections: One way we take care of your rental property and your tenants is by performing routine property inspections. Our property managers schedule quarterly or biannual inspections to check for lease compliance, unreported maintenance issues, and more. These inspections ensure your home is running smoothly and your tenants are happy.
  • Collecting Rent: Collecting rent sounds easy. You simply take your tenant’s rent check and deposit it into the bank. But as any rental property owner can tell you, there is more to it than that. Our property managers make sure your tenant knows the rent due date, late fees, and acceptable methods of payment. Our online tenant portal allows tenants to submit their payments electronically. And we make sure all rent money, deposits, and fees are placed in the correct accounts as required by law.

Finding a property management company in Alpharetta is crucial to running a successful rental property. When you work with our full-service company, you can rest easy knowing your rental home and tenants are well cared for. To learn more about our property management services, visit our comprehensive services page.

The Specialized Difference

What makes Specialized Property Management Atlanta a top-rated management company? Experienced professionals and proven processes give us an edge over the competition. But we don’t just strive for excellence, we guarantee it. You should never settle for substandard service. When you are comparing property management companies, make sure you remember the following Specialized Guarantees:

  • Money-Back Guarantee: Our property management experts work hard to ensure you are satisfied with our management. If there is ever a problem, we will work hard to resolve it as quickly as possible. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with our management in the first 60 days of your contract, we offer a full money-back guarantee.
  • Tenant Guarantee: How do you know we will place high-quality tenants? Our Alpharetta rental property management experts utilize strict tenant screening guidelines to place the right tenant in your home. If your tenant breaks their lease within the first 10 months, we will cover the cost of replacement. 
  • Price Lock Guarantee: There is nothing worse getting hit with unexpected management costs and hidden fees. We strive to be honest and transparent about every aspect of management, which is why we lock in your management fee structure with your service contract for three years. Knowing your fee structure is set will help you create a realistic budget for your property.
  • Compliance Guarantee: If you aren’t an attorney specializing in housing law, or an accountant for a property management company, you probably aren’t familiar with the many legal and accounting guidelines that affect property owners. With our compliance guarantee, we promise to keep your home in compliance with all legal and accounting legislation in order to keep you from unnecessary risk.
  • Leading Technology Guarantee: The highly regulated and complex nature of property management means technology is necessary to ensure efficient management. Our property management company in Alpharetta is dedicated to using the latest technology to aid in data-driven decision making. Our leading technology guarantee means you will have access to up-to-date systems to avoid unnecessary costs.
  • Property Protection Guarantee: One reason many investment property owners get into the business is for the equity they build by owning real estate. However, if your property isn’t well cared for it will depreciate quickly. With our property protection guarantee, we promise to protect the value of your rental home through proactive maintenance and regular inspections.
  • Eviction Protection Guarantee: Evictions are not only expensive, but they are also time-consuming and complex. If you aren’t already familiar with the process, an eviction can drag on and cost thousands of dollars. With our eviction protection guarantee, you will be protected from the cost and hassle of an eviction. If a tenant we place must be evicted within the first 10 months of the lease, we will cover the standard costs of filing an eviction and waive the fee to replace the tenant. For continued protection beyond 10 months, ask about our low-cost Eviction Protection Plan.

Alpharetta Rental Property Management You Can Trust

Why should you trust Specialized Property Management Atlanta with your investment? Take a look at what property owners and tenants have to say.

“Specialized Property Management is the most efficient and courteous property management company I’ve worked with thus far. The staff is responsive, honest and friendly. Jarrod Cook and his Atlanta team are true professionals and I plan to refer them to my co-workers and friends.”

Janelle C. Google Review

“SPM is simply the best in the business !!!!  I have worked with many property management companies on all sides and they exceed my expectations every time !!!”

Paige W. Google Review

“Excellent move in experience. Very helpful and considerate staff. 10/10, do recommend.”

Martin B. Google Review

Specialized Property Management Atlanta is the top property management company in Alpharetta for a reason. Our property managers are the local experts you need for effective advertising, vendor connections, and compliance. However, you need more than a local expert for successful property management.  Effective property managers must know how to do everything from preparing your property for tenants to inspections, rent collection, and maintenance. The team at Specialized Property Management Atlanta has nearly 30 years of experience in property management. We have experts working for you at every step of the rental cycle, showing you where you can cut costs without cutting corners.

If you are tired of the hassle and headache involved with self-management, give our experts a call. Find out why clients trust Specialized Property Management Atlanta with their Alpharetta investments.

To request a professional management quote today, call today at 404-862-8980.

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